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The Galloping Goop range began in 2017 with a degreaser, shampoo, and conditioner, but they have continued to add more products to the range creating constant growth and diversity.

Galloping Goop’s deep cleaning ability makes it ideal for those hard to reach places like the dock of the tail and the crest of the mane. The whitening power of Galloping Goop is outstanding and extremely effective on yellow tails and the legs of feathered breeds. Best of all the product is formulated from all-natural oils and minerals, it is nontoxic, biodegradable, safe to use on all colour horses, pregnant mares, young foals and even on horses with sensitive skin.

Galloping Goop contains no chemicals or bleaches, and because Galloping Goop is capable of gently cleansing the skin and pores it is a non-medicated formula that will soothe and freshen the skin assisting with the loosening and removal of shedding hair, itchiness and discomfort.